St Léger-Les-Vignes - A vineyard almost 1000 years old

Domaine Les Hautes Noëlles is a family property founded in 1930 in the village of St Leger les Vignes. A manuscript referred to vines being grown in the village as early as 1180.

St Leger les Vignes is a small town located about 15 kilometres south-west of Nantes and is part of Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu, the earliest Nantes vineyard appellation.

Mainly planted with Melon de Bourgogne grape variety and located on the edge of Grandlieu Lake – the largest natural lake in France - and 30 kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean, the vineyard mainly produces Muscadets of great freshness with notes of white flowers and citrus fragrances.

The domain spreads over 25 hectares of the following vines :
Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu and Gros Plant (AOP / AOC) and Vins de Pays du Val de Loire IGP (Protected Geographical Indication)
Grape varieties : Gamay, Chardonnay, Grolleau Gris and Grolleau Noir, Merlot and Cabernet.
A new step was taken in 2010 when Jean Pierre Guédon bought Domaine Les Hautes Noëlles. An entrepreneur with a passion for wine, Jean-Pierre has mobilized a young crew of competent and motivated workers around him in order to bring the domain to still higher levels of achievement.


To preserve the environment, Domaine Les Hautes Noëlles is committed to a process of organic farming. For many years, no herbicide has been used in order to come back to older practices such as ploughing which allow our wines to enhance the expression of the soil and the work in the vines.
Similarly, we have excluded all chemical from our plots favouring natural products based on copper, sulphur or plants (horsetail tea, nettle - essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus ...).

Today, every white wine produced in Domaine Les Hautes Noëlles is certified organic by ECOCERT.


Controlling the yield is a priority for us, as it is an important factor in the biological control and the quality of the wines. Therefore, we practice short cane pruning, thinning, disbudding and controlled grassing.
These techniques allow us to avoid bunches being over-crowded, to favour their ventilation, thus avoiding the development of fungi and mould both harmful to the quality of the wine.


At Domaine Les Hautes Noëlles, the harvest are mostly manual.
Whole grapes are lead into pneumatic presses on conveyor belts without being crushed. This allows us to preserve a maximum of aromas contained in the grapes.For our different cuvees of Muscadet, the temperature controlled fermentation is carried at around 18 ° C mainly in underground vats.
Their aging on the lees during the winter – a very specific practice in the area - enhances their tasting qualities and gives ampleness and richness.

Finally, a strict control of hygiene in the cellar, as well as transfers under inert gas, allow us to decrease the amount of sulphites added to our wines to achieve an average rate under 50% compared to conventional winemaking authorized doses.


The wines produced by Domaine Les Hautes Noëlles are recognised by specialised guides and journals, both in France and abroad. They receive laudatory reviews and regularly collect medals in the various competitions where they are presented.

Over 40% of our production is exported mainly to the United States, Canada and Japan, but also to Northern Europe (Denmark, Finland, Sweden, etc ...).
The rest of our production is distributed in France through a network of wine shops, restaurants and at the cellar to our individual customers.

Furthermore, Domaine Les Hautes Noëlles is a member of the association "Les Vignes de Nantes”, together with fifteen other domains selected on the base of the reputation of their wines, whose aim is to develop the image of Muscadet.


Come and visit us to discover our range of wines in a relationship that combines professionalism and friendliness. Belonging to the group " Vignerons Indépendants" and benefiting from the labels "Caves Touristiques du Vignoble de loire " et "Vignobles et Découvertes", we shall give you a warm welcoming throughout the year ..